Data Processing
The quantity of Data Processing projects that is outsourced to our country is astounding.
Data Entry Work

Data Processing entails capturing, digitalizing and processing the data that we get from diverse sources. Today it is the most budding sector of BPO industry in India. The quantity of data Processing projects that is outsourced to our country is astounding.


We offer an extensive range of data processing services that our regular customers have utilized for years and obtained very satisfying results. Our data processing services include data capturing and data entry processing from a broad selection of sources. We also offer customized skills of data processing so as to match international standards of accuracy and quality. Although internet has made data entry processing a very simple process, we add professional touch to data processing. Not only that we make direct contacts with our clients to understand their specific requirements to offer them perfect and satisfying results. This also allows us to offer secured data privacy, reliability and enhanced results every time.

The range of data processing services we provide are :

  • Form and survey processing
  • Insurance claim processing
  • Check and payment processing
  • Credit card processing

At Wan systems, we provide an extensive range of data processing performances that incorporate essentials like data migration, translation and summarization. Our target is to deliver data processing services that can manage our client’s personal and business requirements, such that they can save their money and yet get best quality for what they have paid.

Our Data Processing services include:

  • Data Processing
  • PDF Data Processing
  • Forms Processing
  • Insurance Claim Processing
  • Check Processing
  • Image Processing
  • OCR Cleanup
  • Survey Processing
  • Data Mining
  • Data Cleansing
  • XML Data Processing
  • Large Volume Data Processing.
  • Formatting of Data like mailing list
  • Database creation and updating
  • Data Indexing
  • Form Processing
  • Data Cleansing is a method of eradicating errors in the source data, usually from operational systems and identifying and removing duplicated and invalid records.
  • Data Mining lets the users to analyze data from several different dimensions or angles and categorize & summarize the co-relations that are identified. Technically, data mining is the procedure of finding correlations or patterns in the midst of dozens of fields in bulky relational databases.
  • Data entry via Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is more rapid more accurate and more competent than keystroke data entry.
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